Wenatchee Valley School


The faculty, when completed, will accommodate an enrollment of roughly 15,000 college students. This course is designed to provide the student with abilities and information to carry out analysis and service procedures for superior brake methods. Topics embrace digital braking system inspection, methods of diagnosing and repairing varied electro-mechanical and hydraulic brake techniques, and Antilock-Braking System repairs. Lectures shall be recorded live on specified date and uploaded to Canvas.

Automotive Technology

This course offers training about diagnosing automatic transmission issues. Topics include regular operation, electrical fault analysis, diagnosing shift concerns, diagnosing engagement issues, and the correct diagnostic process. This course covers NVH considerations, system identification methods and apply diagnosing noise, vibration and harshness concern. The course also contains system diagnosis with Chassis Ears and Vibration Analyzers. For instance, take 196A,B,C, and D Electrical, Electronics, Test Out, and Climate Control.