Whether you’re stressed or want some time out of your busy schedule, contacting the nature of one is the best decision. Nothing like a lengthy ride on the empty road for practicing mindfulness. From a solely practical perspective, it will be less expensive to fill up the petrol tank every now and again than to spend money on alternative modes of transportation. When you don’t have to worry about where you’ll get the next round of food money, a lot of your tension fades away.

It is not necessary to have your vehicle with you as you can rent a car in Germany and enjoy the road trip with mindfulness. Cities are beautiful, and exploring them is a lot of fun, but there’s a major debate about how valuable they are in contrast to the countryside. To discover this, read this article and know about the best road trips for Germany.

1.  The Fairy Tale Road

It’s possible that you’ll find happiness ever after! You’ll undoubtedly be satisfied with the outcome of your journey, having seen a lovely part of Germany and heard the true stories behind the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales. With almost 60 stations along the way, the Fairy Tale Road is one of Germany’s greatest popular holiday itineraries. It is composed of cities, villages, and enclaves in states that are all linked to Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm‘s writings. Although most can be reached by public transportation, having a car allows you to thoroughly experience the trip.

2.  Alpine Road

This thrilling journey takes you into the slopes of the Bavarian Alps, through gorgeous monasteries, crystal-clear ponds, and big mountains blanketed in white all year. The Alpenstrasse, as it’s known in German was the country’s first tourist route. This itinerary is unique in that it allows you to visit one of King Ludwig II’s palaces one day, lunch in an Alpine field the very next, and fishing boats ride over a crystal Alpine lake the following.